Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sumit - Farewell

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I have to admit that I do love the blues, and I do love blues rock as equally and I had been grooving on Sumit's Changes (November 2007) for days before I realised I was listening to de blooz from the other side of the world to the Mississippi delta. In fact, Sumit is an Indian born artist which surprised the hell out of me because - if nothing else - Changes smacked of authenticity. It was also a knockout track in every way, making it into my year end awards for 2007 which is no mean achievement for a first track. Suffice to say, the second track - Whiff Of Home (December 2007) - didn't make me rave so much but I was always one for high hopes. Still good enough to gather a highly recommended though...

Q. What is it about India and rock? A. **** knows. But it works.

Farewell is the third Sumit track to come my way then and co-incidently is 'the first song I (Sumit, that is) ever wrote, recorded 13 years later. Billed as Classic Rock, it has more than a touch of Pat Metheny about it, which means that you should find it 'fiddly' enough for your ears. In other words, there is plenty here to keep your attention, especially if you are known to prostrate yourself before Rock Gods. I mentioned before that whoever sings on these tracks has the vocal tones of a young David Bowie - and the musical standard is just as high. Class classic rock, even.

Stylistically too, it owes much to the shadow of the Bowie who used to rock like a mofo, before he became too rich and famous to care. What gets me about this track (nay ALL of this artists tracks) is the amount of sheer confidence the band display, and the authentically western sound they come up with. With a sound and style halfway between the UK and America (and the finer musical points thereof) Sumit could be one of India's Rock Gods. Certainly if this band played live they would gather fans by the armful, no doubt about it whatsoever. A bit too complex for an instant hit, Farewell pays off with repeated playing and then it becomes well special.

Highly Recommended Classic Rock (by way of India)

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