Sunday, February 17, 2008

Policy Overkill - And Another Thing

Hear The Track Here

Its been a while since I've reviewed anything from Policy Overkill, purveyors of music with that kind of sounds that (and I quote) 'you get when you run Kraftwerk and Wumpscut through a meat grinder'. Nice. My last review of this artist was Happy Havoc Industries Overtime Mix (August 2007), a forty five minute exploration of everything electronica has to offer and a lot more besides. Look, it's no good shaking your head and saying you don't believe me. 45 minutes for a track? An album maybe. Ahh, but that's not looking at the world from an Overkill angle is it? Put yourself in this guys shoes and 45 minutes seems like a warm up session.

OK. Serious now. (Ed: riiiiggghhhhttt)

All musicians (virtual or otherwise) collect little snippets of work that doesn't seem to fit anywhere. I know, I am followed by an ever increasing cloud of creative detritus from which will eventually emerge my next tracks and their corresponding snippets. That's the way And Another Thing came about and Mr Toxin (for it is he) puts it far better 'It felt like I was working with afterthoughts, like those bits of conversation you want to add after the talking is over'. Hindsight rock, anyone? Actually, there ain't much of the rock about Policy Overkill, him being an experimental artist and all. Experimental electronica that is, so if you think I was about to promote some more 'moise' tracks, relax.

I do like the work of Burp who effortlessly seems to meld rhythm with experimental electronic sounds, and that is what I can best describe And Another Thing; an exercise in varying rhythms. It's a pleasant enough tune, in that plucky, plinky style that is much in favour. Personally, if I want to be serenaded by bells I'll buy a cheap alarm clock. Still, that's a personal preference and I'm sure that there will be plenty of takers for this well put together slice of electronica. And, whatever you do, get past the 4:30 stage of the track because it's got some surprises tucked away.

Electronica of the plinky kind. Recommended for all fans of plinky, plonky.

(Ed: and that was serious, was it?)

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