Saturday, February 23, 2008

Buried Talents Band - In The Garden

Hear The Track Here

Its amazing how I am getting much more attention through the blog these days and in fact, Buried Talents came to me this month through the blog NOT through Soundclick even though they are on the site. I don't mind where the tracks come from really, but it does show how much time you have to invest in Soundclick to find its real community. As opposed to collecting friends as if they were so many stamps, that is. Buried Talents Band is a six peice (5 guys, one woman) Contemporary Christian outfit from middle America so maybe they will supply my much needed shot of country this month...

Hey, stranger things have happened.

There is much wordplay on the band page about one of the singers sounding like Neil Young and the others to sound like CSN and, to my mind anyway, those are bold claims. Neil Young, in particular has long been one of my favourite musicians on the planet, so I'll take it with my usual mountain of salt. To be honest, I can't see the comparisons on this track, despite it being a reasonable enough track on its own merits. OK, we aren't talking state of the art recording here but these days that shouldn't make that much difference, given what can be done post-production. For sure the song could do with tightening up sound of the sounds, the bass for example is almost buried.

Which is a problem because most of the vocal is pretty low end too, and that makes that part of the spectrum even muddier than before - if that were possible. Artists of a Christian bent don't, as far as I know, usually come in for a lot of stick for their views but sometimes it can be overwhelming for yer average listener. Artists who have found favour at Soundclick such as Cam, One Kid's Lunch and others do so because their music usually trancends the genre and - for me anyway - this is where In The Garden failed the most. There is nothing wrong with it, and as I say the band play their parts well enough. There is, however, a distinct lack of drive in the track (and the vocals) that I found not so enlightening.

Still, maybe that's just this track.... let's try another.

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