Saturday, February 23, 2008

Corey Drumz - 4Ever Love

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Looking back I notice it's only been a year or so since I first became aware of Corey Drumz, but the impression he has made during this time is positive. As it should with the kind of musical pedigree that follows this NYC based hip hop artist. As I've mentioned previously, I know some of the area's musical history personally and I definitely recognised that distinctive quality in the first Drumz track I reviewed The Retribution (January 2007), a harrowing and graphic soundscape that stands out for its excellent lyrical quality and diamond sharp production values.

And you don't get to say that too often about hip hop, let me tell ya.

Written and performed by Kirk Bananno and Corey Drumz, the beats and production on this are from Flawless Beats so its a given that this should cook up right. It does too, except it does make for a bit of a noisy track; a lot going on to take in first time around. Still it is a good mixture, if a litle rough in sound. It's not the first Flawless Beats track I've reviewed and I'm sure it won't be the last and is musically well up to their usual standard, Special mention should be made of the glitchy acoustic guitar figure that is a main element in the track - wonderful.

The real stars though, are Corey and Kirk Bannano, who sound so at home on this sleek R&B track, you'd swear it all came from the same mind, rather than the collaboration it is. Although I can't stand the softer (soppier even) side of modern R&B, I di like it when done well and here Kirk and Corey delve into the rich vocal harmony traditons the city of New York is justly famed for. Their vocal combination is warm, beautifully pitched and a joy to the ears. Like a lot of Corey Drumz tracks, the more you plays them, the more you get out of them and that proved to be the case with 4Ever Love. It isn't as good as his last track (To Let You Know, which got a Must Have from me last month), but hey it's still streets ahead of most.

Excellently performed R&B. Sweet, Recommended.

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