Friday, February 22, 2008

Butterflies For Breakfast - Love Me, Shoot Me

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I first came across this Texas four peice band when I reviewed Four Leaf Clover, a warm accessible pop track that the real world music business should be salivating for. Alas, it's a bit difficult to see when your ass is wedged firmly up your ass, but enough of such freakery, lets get back into the sunshine. Meanwhile here, in OUR real world, we get to hear yet more from BfB and that is surely the music industry's own look out. There they are casting every side alley of LA and NYC for talent and the other 99% of the country is fekkin infested with good musicians. Damnit, these are even YOUNG musicians.

I know us old farts haven't got a chance but hey, come on...

Working the strand of rock pop that fostered Weezer, The Pixies et al, Butterflies for Breakfast show that they are capable of constructing a decent song and performing it well. There again, that is what they showed in Four Leaf Clover too, although that failed to make an abiding impression with me as I suspect Love Me, Shoot Me will eventually do. I have no doubt that this band has a killer track or two under their belts but the two tracks I have heard so far are not it. Workmanlike, capable and neatly done, yeah. Exciting and dramatic? not really.

Although I like individual tracks from the genre (early Weezer were very good) I can't in all honesty say I am that fond of this style. I know it sounds completely dumb but it sounds too American to me. Which is funny, because I spent a big part of my life living there and have a wife and children that are American. For me, there is a distinct difference of meaning between alternative rock in the UK and USA, and unfortunately this track falls into it. This is purely a personal opinion of course, because there isn't much wrong with the track at all, except for a certain lack of get-up-and-go.

Recommended Alternative.

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