Saturday, February 16, 2008

Largo - One Nation (Digi-Generation)

Hear The Track Here

Now you that politics and me are sworn enemies but even I had to agree with Largo's comments for One Nation etc. he admits that he has 'a great concern about Hillary making it into the white-house'. Welp, join the club mate and there are a few of us out here - and it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with her being a woman either. Anyway, that the politics out the way, now pull up the rug and lets paaarty!! Largo, although relatively new to Soundclick has made a few friends in the short time he has been here, especially through his review thread on the Critics Corner forum. I'm always glad to see a new reviewer around, especially when they know what they are talking about.

'bout time somebody did eh? ;)

One Nation is - at heart - a great song, no doubt about it. The way David Katsikas (aka Largo) puts it all together is exceedingly good too; here is a musician/vocalist who can deliver with some style. There is no doubt in my my mind whatsoever that a track that features a JFK quote in it can often be incredibly tacky but the snippet used in this track fits right in there. Style? Well, f****** if I know actually. I can tell you that despite a rough, cramped mix (at least on the equipement I used), the song powers out with enough punch to turn some heads.

I've been puzzling for days how to describe this ingenious little track. Ingenious insofar as having so much sound like so little, this track is tight. It'll take a while to work the layers off it. That's once you get past the roughness mind but I do recommend you give it a listen simply because its a great track, with some class vocals (complete with the usual 'lectronic f***ry. My best guess at style? Parliament? Howard Jones? Robin Scott? You tell me.

Excellent song, marred slightly by a rough sound. Highly Recommended electro-pop.

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