Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pivotal Spark - Numb

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Pivotal Spark are a new name to me and, I suspect, Soundclick too but lets not hold that against them. The band revolves around Brian O'Rourke (gtr and vocals), Billy Pike (gtr and vocals) and Steve Furr (percussion) all of whom hail from Florida USA. Given that lineup you'd be right to assume this is either an acoustic band or some kind of Alternative outfit and you'd be right on both counts. What comes out in the mix is pretty much what you would expect, its not a lineup you can do overly much with other than make sure the instruments are crisp and clear - and they are.

The percussion sounds like bongos of some kind and - surprise, surprise - in this track they actually sound like they fit. I'm sure we've all been in those extended jam sessions around our mates when - under a cloud of smoke usually - someone decides they can play the bongos and then proceed to demolish any attempt at structure. The bongos in this case never step on the guitars or the vocals and that is something to be praised. Numb is a pretty neat song too, in that acoustic American way we have all come to know so well.

The combining of O'Rourke and Pike's vocals are obviously the main treat in store for the listener, although they are no slouches on the guitar either. Numb isn't on of those intensely wordy tomes you might expect with such subject matter (the choices in life and their consequences) and that neatly dovetails with this song's relaxed, worldly attitude. For sure (listen to me, I sound like a f****** Valley girl) acoustic fans are going to like it, as - I would imagine - would soft rock fans. For this reviewer, this is an interesting introduction. Enough to make me wonder what else they have tucked away on their page.

Excellent Acoustic rock. Highly Recommended.

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