Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rw B-More - Lets Dance Ft Hassan

Hear The Track Here

Hot on the heels of one NYC hip hop artist on the list this month (4th Down Records) along comes Rw B-More, an Elmira NY based rapper. Although he spends some time bigging himself up on his page, his comments on how the music came about are surprisingly blank. Is this hand made? Home produced? In some ways it sounds like it, but in others not. For example, the main musical track, in itself, is pretty reasonable and sounds well made; the contrast between that and the vocals couldn't be starker. The positioning of these two tracks (4th Down and Rw B-More) back to back was sheer chance, but it highlights perfectly what works in hip hop and what doesn't.

Just in case I was in danger of having me ears run away with me, I listened to a couple of other tracks on his page before writing this review and it only confirmed my opinion. On other tracks he doesn't seem to make some of the obvious mistakes, and could well be a decent rapper. Let's Dance doesn't try real hard to get you to do just that, in fact the beat is kinda pedestrian. It is lightened whenever the main vocal enters the picture, and that is the part I am questioning most about its origins.

Wtf does it matter? I hear you ask.

Well, it counts ya know, to at least credit something you have lifted wholesale from somewhere else. If the part is indeed home produced shouldn't B-More be making mention of it? B-More raps reasonably although it isn't the rapid fire, bob and weave you may be more used to. When you ally that with the track's inbuilt drag, it would be hard to get the thing to move, know what I mean? And so it proves, because every time I heard this track I was mentally willing it to speed up and hit a groove that worked. All of which couldn't possibly hold a candle to the section where B-More tries to sing along with the main vocal. I don't cringe often when I listen to music these days but that is guaranteed to do it to me every time.

Pass for me.

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