Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wired Ascention - Dark

Hear The Track Here

I'll get to the name in a minute but here's something a bit interesting... This track was paired with another 'prog-rock' this month and - surprisingly enough - I managed to get past both of them with foaming at the mouth and attacking complete strangers. Both things being, of course, brought on by exposure to a musical genre I loathe and despise to the very core of my being. It's something that both tracks had something to offer that was definitely out of the prog-rock ordinary. I suppose that is why everything is still standing and I am remarkably calm. Now, Wired Ascention? Who? (shrugs shoulders). ASM Studio I know from old POP days, and lo here is in a band. OK, so now I know a little of what to expect. Which is why it completely took me by surprise...

...all eight minutes plus change of it.

I know! I know, can't trust your ears these days. Welp, Wired Ascention come to the prog rock revival armed with a secret weapon, namely the aforementioned ASM Studio who has - by definition - more electronic toys than God. Now in some cases that would be a problem - usurping the Diety is not a wise career move. However, putting that electronic kit to use to power some of the most rhythmically interesting prog rock I've had to wade through in a good while is smarter than yer average bear. The other half of the partnership Tony Mazza, is a guitarist I have already reviewed in his band Waiting For Helen, although that experience had not prepared me for the fireworks and emotion he pours into this track.

Here is a musical partnership that works a treat, giving the listener real value for money. Kinda weird thing to say when the track is freely downloadable, but let me clarify. To me, a peice of music is like a book, or a work of art. The more times you play it/study it/construct it, the more you get out of it. Or at least you do if the musician(s) knows what they are about, and both these musicians obviously do. Truth is, this was a keeper for me from the get-go because of the depth (and pacing) of the track, and the sheer beauty of the guitar playing. I know rock isn't to everyone's taste and I know (from experience) that it makes some people violent but hey, a cross between prog rock (kinda/sorta) and electronica? Only one word for it my friends. Sweeeeeeettt....

Unique blend of styles. MUST HAVE

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