Thursday, January 17, 2008

Waiting For Helen - Good Good Woman

Hear The Track Here

I tell ya what, the Internet is the dogs danglies for finding music. When I were a lad, we had to go out, hang around dingy, drafty gigs in the hope that tonight there may be a decent band on to get wasted to. Sad to say, it didn't occur that often. Outside of that I remember shoving a HUGE 'so called' portable under my pillow at night to listen to the fade in and fade out music being broadcast nightly from Radio Luxembourg (The Station Of The Stars) with DJs as radiacal as Alan Freeman and (gulp) Jimmy Savile (as was). Nowadays, when I am considerably older and greyer, music of all descriptions is freely available merely by sitting and typing a couple of words. So ya pump in 'blues rock' and lo, up pop's Waiting For Helen a blues rock band in the time honoured fashion.

Based over at Popspace and POP, Waiting For Helen has an impressive collective and individual history and at present, consists of the following line-up: Jerry DeCarlo: Drums & Percussions, Helen Harak: Vocals, Tony Mazza: Guitar,Vocals & percussion, Pete Salomone: Guitar & Vocals, Joe Van Winkle: Bass, Bass Pedals,Keyboard, Vocals, & Percussions. I know the New York/New Jersey scene from my own experience and know it is a rich source of class (and classic) rock bands all description. The competition is cutthroat so any band intending to stay around a while better have its chops in gear and all its ducks in a row. In other words, to sound as professional as it gets while pounding out the dirtiest, meanest rock sound you can deliver.

Aaah, I can almost smell the beer and sawdust from here :D

The very first musical reference that popped into my head - almost on the first listen even - was of a slightly softer sounding Canned Heat - yep blues of the old school. They manage to sound incredibly Southern in sound, despite coming from the Northeast part of America and that authenticity is one of the main reasons I absolutely love this track. I understand full well that classic blues rock is not everybody's favourite method of relaxation but hey give me a good boogie any time and Waiting For Helen do exactly that. The kind of track that will have my old mate, Songplanet DJ Mike-K slobbering into his beard. Yeaaaahhhhhhhh baby!!!

Classic blues rock. Highly Recommended (oh yeah).

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