Friday, January 11, 2008

Soul Summation - Contact

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Its been a couple of years since the halycon days of POP's Friday Night Live review sessions and it introduced me to a whole bunch of musicians I'd never have met on Soundclick. One of the joys of hanging out in POP's offshoot POPspace is that I am busily picking up the threads of the people I met through that time. One such, as you have probably gathered, is Soul Summation. Sad to say, my exposure to Soul Summation's music at the time was not all it should have been. I know that's the usual excuse but I seriously can't do any better. There again, dancey electronica has never been my thing.

The musical equivalent of War and Peace.

Most of us temper ourselves with nice three, four minute blocks of music, dancey electronica (ie trance, techno and all forms thereof) can't do it in any less then eight minutes and often much longer. Let me tell you, you gotta be pretty damn good to keep my attention for that amount of time - even in the review process where everything gets filtered through loads of plays. Taken as a slice of dancey electronica, it has that light, bubbly feel (summery even) that seemingly pervades the whole dance spectrum and shows that - whatever else he does - Soul Summation understands the medium he has chosen to work with.

While it was never my bag, I am never put out by listening to well thought out, well produced dancey electronica that has a point other than propelling feet and setting backsides to a-wigglin' n' jigglin'. Having said that, while I have not escorted Contact onto the dance floor as yet, I can see the breeding that suggests this is its natural environment. All kudos to Soul Summation for nailing the genre so well, even though - no matter how hard I try - I will probably never reconcile myself to really loving this style. In the meantime, I could certainly grow fond of this and if I happen to find a dance floor, who knows??

Excellent electronic dance. Highly Recommended.

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