Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dan E Peck - Beachin

Hear The Track Here

It is my theory that inside every young lad is an unborn Rock God. How many guys (I speak this way because I am a guy, women may well do it differently) have stood before their bedroom mirror for a good session with cardboard boxes for amplifier stacks, and a trusty Broom complete with double whammy bar, practising their moves as if their lives depended on it? Millions if not billions I tell ya. Not many, however, go one to the next phase which is actually becoming a Rock God. By gum lad, that is way too much work. In my own guitar heyday (I'm much more a producer now) I used to play 8-10 hours a day and not too many people can apply themselves to such discipline. My hat is forever doffed then, to artists such as Dan E Peck, one of the best guitarists I have come across in a while.

Ibanez Strut (December 2007) just squeaked past the post to make it into my year end review of 2007, which should be an indication of how strong I thought it was. I still do, the damn thing has been played to death so it's nice to have a new track to assimilate. As good a guitarist as he is, Dan wouldn't interest me that much if he didn't bring something a little bit special to the party. In this case, he brings a fluid, dense rock feel that wouldn't be out of place in any heavy rock collection of any repute. Rock, in my definition anyway, should absolutely, definitely, and utterly kick ass, in terms of production, arrangement and performance.

An almost impossible task to get right this is...

Dug out of history, this is a live track Dan did with an old band back in 1978 recorded at a beach gig in San Deigo. Also dug out of history are the million riffs that thrilled and entertained us at the time. Not sure if Dan has touched this up but the production is fekkin perfect. In the music I hear echoes of everything from Led Zep to Queen and a million other points in between; a truly Classic Rock track that sounds suprisingly ahead of it's time. Yet another killer band that never made the kind of history the influences cited made, such is the narrowness of fame and fortune. Still, fame is fleeting anyway, and it is our incredible good fortune that - finally, at last - we have our very own Rock God.

First Class Rock of the old school. MUST HAVE (dayum, that's two in a row!)

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