Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rob Scoda - I'll Be Back

Hear The Track Here

Rob Scoda, should you be judging him by his name and his brand of music (very American sounding acoustic rock) sounds like yer typical Americano. It sure surprised the beejeebus out of my when I noticed that he is based in Sweden, so maybe he's an American in the Land Of the Blond. However, if you know anything about Sweden and it's musical progeny (Ed: offspring, descendants. I just looked it up for you lazy sobs) you will know that Sweden is one of the best countries in the world for musically educating their children. Back in the early days of internet based music, most of the real stars where either Swedish or in some other way Scandanavian. At first I thought it might have something to do with the levels of boredom experienced in such countries but I was soon disabused of that notion.

A hefty group stomping, I have found, will solve most anything.

Having been around musicians since the dawn of time, I have experienced more than my fair share of singer/songwriters and Rob Scoda is exactly that. For sure he lays out a good sonic spread and an easy rock style to rest your head against but - given the competition - this may very well not sound as fresh as it should. Not that I am implying that this doesn't sound good, it does. The production is very good, just the way I like it. Everything is EQ'd to perfection, leaving more than enough headroom for the vocals to spread themselves in. In that respect, the mix fits the track perfectly.

The only flying member of the Diptera family putting its great big dirty feet all over the confection is that I'll Be Back will probably only appeal inside of a very narrow audience. To be sure, it shows that Rob knows exactly what he's doing, and how to do it. The only question remains is whether you would like the style or not. For me, it has many rock echoes but since Rob cites Paul Weller as one of his influences (the other being Mr Lou Reed) I'd say that should give you a fair idea of what to expect aurally. Personally, I'll be into trying out the other track currently adorning his page to see whether this is just a one-off.

Warm, cosy acoustic rock. Recommended.

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