Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nuff X - Pretend We Never Happened

Hear The Track Here

Now then, now then, how's about a bit of Nuffcore? Sure.... Sorry about the cheap Sir Jimmy Savile impersonation but what can I tell you, Nuff X brings out the Englishman in me. It isn't of course, the sole reason I like this electronica artist. Nuff X may be into electronica and breakbeats but I am pretty sure you will not have heard those genres chopped up like Nuff X does before. Therein, I suspect, lies the secret of Nuff's increasing visibility inside and outside of the genre he is based in. For my money, the best and most innovative artists on Soundclick are the ones who make music that transcends whatever genre they happen to be working in, and Nuff X accomplishes this with consummate ease.

Yeah, I agree, it's enough to make you sick. ;)

There again, I have been a Nuff watcher now for at least a couple of years and I know just how hard he has worked at being that little bit different and - dare I say it? - fresh and exciting. Blessing Curse (December 2006) was the last Nuff X track I reviewed and very good it were too, although not exactly an easy listen. There again, that often holds true for this artist. Blessing Curse introduced us to Nuff X, the vocalist behind the music, and Pretend We Never Happened is yet another vocal excursion for him and - I have to say - I definitely like the sound of this track better. It doesn't have any of the anger, bitter feeling of the previous track but hey, everyone needs a vent/rant and Blessing Curse was Nuff's chance at it. This track also features a collaborator, Absorbfish about whom I know nuffink but I know he contributed musically.

So, Pretend We Never Happened is infinitely more accessable to Mr and Ms Joe Q Public, although you would have to like electronica in general and have an interest in English musical styles to really appreciate what Nuff has to offer. One of the elements of Nuff's work that has always interested me is the textures and sounds he uses, and this track is a classic example of what he does best. I think its probably a bit too understated for a lot of tastes but it certainly hit the right spots with me, especially in those little production tricks the guy is becoming proficient at. I put that down to my own liking for this artist, but even so I'm sure you may get a taste for some Nuffcore too, given the exposure.

Original UK electronica. Highly Recommended

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