Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rob Preston (aka Pink Bomb) - What About Us

Hear The Track Here

To tell the truth, I've been more than a bit puzzled over this track. My normal routine is just to bung the review list (in order) onto my Ipod and give the tracks their workout. Sometimes I am aware of who the artist is and sometimes I'm not. Often while I was about my daily doings, this track would catch me by surprise - it sounded much better than most tracks, at least from a production angle. I filed that information away until the time came to sit down and write the review, where I might finally learn something about the artist.

Although the name is new to me, the music certainly told a much older tale. Here is a musician who has been around polishing up his craft for some considerable time, even the merest drive-by of a listen will confirm that. When I read on his page that he started making online music in 1992, I recognised a fellow tracker. A lot of musicians (including yours truly) cut their musical teeth in this fledgling online music scene, many of which are now rightly famed. What it instilled in us - more than anything else - is an inordinate attention to detail. Listen, when most of the music you made was in code, you HAD to pay attention to the little details.

What About Us is a perfect example of that discipline paying off in the long run.

A pop track that raises influences such as ELO, Howard Jones and others, What About Us is about as close as you are going to get (in an unsigned sense) to the real deal, it's so commercial it should be wearing a shirt and tie. With it's knowing wink at the 1980's electro-pop scene, What About Us is the kind of track you take up and treasure. Class production, excellent performances and one of the strongest pop songs you are likely to hear on Soundclick or anywhere else. Absolutely first class.


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