Thursday, January 24, 2008

Corey Drumz - To Let You Know

Hear The Track Here

In amongst all the wannabe clutter that infests the hip-hop scene on Soundclick, there are some very, very serious musicians delivering quality product with amazing consistency. A while ago (Ed: February 2006 actually) I did an artist overview of Shadowville Productions who have to rank as one of the biggest Soundclick artists in terms of musical quality and audience reach. They turn up here as producers of this Corey Drumz track and I can't say I am much surprised. Like calls to like, after all. So far I've reviewed two Drumz tracks - The Retribution (January 2007) and Fresh Dress'd (December 2007) - and both have had some very complimentary reviews. I make no secret of my love for the genre, never have and never will, especially the kind of hip hop that DOESN'T rely on riches, bitches and killin' snitches to make it all work.

I mean, caaaaahahmmmm on.

Thank God there are some credible artists around to balance out the profane crud that often serves to put people off what is otherwise a beautiful and vibrant music. As an example of what I mean, I can't do better than to point you towards To Let You Know as being amongst the very best hip hop around on Soundclick - not matter how hard you look. To be sure, Corey impressed me with his professionalism and his vision over the first couple of tracks I reviewed (The Retribution especially had a big impact on me) but it has taken a track like this to see just how good it can get.

I will always give kudos to hard work in getting it right, and that can often come out sounding as if I'm trying to please the artist. Far from it, I'm trying to give MY audience a sense of how good the track/artist is. To Let You Know is classic, state-of-the-art hip hop; great hooks, excellent vocals and lots of technical tricks. The highlight of this great track - for me anyway - was the way the counter vocal was put together, a lesson in tension there a few more hip hop artists could do with learning. With a finger firmly on the commercial pulse, To Let You Know should do very, very well and is already my first keeper from this artist.

Top class Hip Hop. MUST HAVE.

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