Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pidgeman - Can't Stop Thinking About You

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Craig Matthews aka Pidgeman is an MP3 Unsigned rock musician who I first encountered when I reviewed Misery Loves Company (November 2007). Nice track, as it happened, especially since I like the kind of rock Pidgeman specialises in. Like a great many of us, he has to deal with certain limitations about getting it all down digitally and - on both tracks I've heard - that home produced feel is quite noticeable. There again, this is rock we are talking about, usually done by recording the guitar sound, rendering that digitally is quite a feat. Only pedants like me would really notice though, but I do feel it blunts the impact of what would otherwise be excellent tracks.

The thing I noticed immediately about Can't Stop Thinking About You was the final sound. I played it on lots of different equipment and it is obvious that either I have a) a bad MP3 rendering or b) the intense mid and high tones were really there. In the case of this track that is a great shame because - like Misery Loves Company - Can't Stop Thinking About You is a great song well sung and played.

Musically, it's very much poppier than I expected too.

Pidgeman shows me more on this track about his songwriting talents than his previous offering, consequently if you like melodic rock with a hint of the UK about it this will do the trick. He's got a nice line in pretty much everything once you really start to listen (assuming what we hear is all him) and he knows what he wants his song to do, of that there is no doubt. Can't Stop Thinking About You is quite a neat blend of American and English pop rock and I think that is where it will ultimately score and - believe me - the song will dull the edges of the problems I've mentioned because it's a cracker.

Excellent song, if a little to 'toppy' for my taste. Highly Recommended rock pop.

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