Tuesday, January 15, 2008

decollage - birdcage

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The mistress of the lower case has entered the building, please be upstanding!. decollage is a experimental electronica artist based in Munich, Germany. The city which is also home to the mighty Burp, yet another experimental electronica artist and it has to be said that their work does bear certain similarities but that is where it ends. While Burp's tracks - however weird and wacky - always hinge around an incredible rhythmic progression or arrangement, decollage's work gets one groove going and then hangs things around it as if it were a Christmas tree. Sounds damn strange written down in a bare-faced manner like that, but the actual sound and vision of decollage's work is often very memorable. Not bad, considering she hasn't been at this music lark for very long...

But with Burp as mentor, anything is possible.

birdcage sounds pretty much what I have come to expect from this artist, decent workable rhythms and lots of weird noises floating around (one that sounds like a donkey braying...I swear!!). I haven't always been into the experimental electronica field and I rarely pick tracks from it to listen to when I feel the urge to bend me ears a bit. It has to, above all, interest me at least on a 'oooh that's a good sound' level otherwise its not going to get anywhere. Although decollage haven't always clicked on the tracks she has come up with, she can be relied upon to take time in making sounds that are different, texturally as well as conceptually.

I can't believe I just said that. Someone please shoot me.

Like a lot of her tracks, Birdcage has a dark, edgy tension that becomes less and less oppressive as the track gets going but the first minute or so will have you peering around nervously. If you are used to this artists style, then it won't come as any surprise to you and will be a worthy addition to the decollage folder, For this reviewer though, I have to be honest and say that I am still waiting for decollage to deliver the track she is eminently capable of, the kind of track that will lift her out of the fairly narrow audience she now pursues. Anyway, when all is said and done, this is still a very decent slab of experimental electronica.

Recommended experimental electronica.

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