Thursday, January 10, 2008

Deon - New Direction

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It's a new year so I'm going to start with a new artist, at least to me. This is also my own pick btw, and I''ll be explaining that further shortly and you can stop groaning anytime you like. Deon is, apparently, a songwriter from Birmingham UK as opposed the Birmingham AL (Alabama, USA as it 'appens). I was lurking around MP3 Unsigned's New MP3s forum trying (unsuccessfully) to foist my new tracks onto some unsuspecting passerby when I happened to spot a post by this artist. Sufficiently curious as ever, I had a listen to the track and decided right there and then that I would start off 2008 with this very track.

Better be good then eh?

The instant like I had for this track revolves around two elements; Deon's wonderfully warm vocal and a great kinda/sorta rock pop song. Moreover, Deon lists himself as a songwriter (who happens to accompany himself) and I can see nothing wrong with that argument. Great pop tracks always - as any fuel no - revolve around 'hooks' but a lot depends on structure and pacing too and that is where New Direction really scores. AFAIK this has already been at number 1 in the MP3 Unsigned charts and I think it was about time it started climbing your charts too.

So what else does it have to recommend itself? Damn fine production for starters, a clear meaty sound that perfectly compliments the material it is backing. In terms of style, Deon lists one of his influences as Gerry Rafferty and listening to this I definitely see that connection as well as a host of other pop echoes. Personally I thought the vocal - as good as it is - could have been a tad sharper in the mix, all the treatments applied to it tend to make for a bit of a wooly sound. There are also several different endings tacked on to the end of the copy I got. There again, this is the smallest quibble and something that most people wouldn't even think of and neither should you. The song is the thing, and here's one to keep these chill winter nights at bay.

Excellent Pop. Most Highly Recommended

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