Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big Wheel Remixes - Follow by GingerHouse

Hear The Track Here

Wot? An interloper putting out some remixes of Big Wheel tracks? Nope, tis the man himself remixing OTHER people's material, and judging by the immense amount of collaborative activity he got into last year, 2008 looks like being more of the same. Can he not keep his hands to himself? Good job he can't actually because we've all reaped the benefits in the tracks he has released over the past year, a dose of so many styles its enough to make your head spin. He even attempted some quite passable reggae in there somewhere.

I tried out a couple of versions of Follow; the one mentioned above and an earlier DnB version. Follow (DnB Mix) by GingerHouse (which can be found on the same webpage) is a classy little number and - truth to tell - it made me want to check out the source of all this bounty: GingerHouse. I went over to their li'l corner of the Murdoch Empire. Listening to the original will always give you an angle on any remix and now I've heard it, I think BWR has done a pretty special job on the aforementioned DnB version. So good, in fact, that had I been reviewing that track, it would have scored well high; especially for the piano.

You can never have enough pianos.

Having done hundreds of these things myself, I am always interested in seeing peoples differing interpretations of the same material and listening through to ALL these tracks has been a good experience. Of course, it doesn't mean to say YOU should have to raise your lazy butt to do any of, but I would suggest approaching this from beginning to end. It would certainly help you to understand just how much Big Wheel contributed in both of his remixes. Although I liked this version - especially when set against the original - my own personal preference came down to the DnB mix. Much more my style anyway.

Remix heaven. Gorge yourselves on a big round thing... Highly Recommended Electronica.

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