Sunday, January 27, 2008

60 Hertz - VTEI

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Last but one out of the bag this month is another new name, this time coming from the Ukraine: 60 Hertz. Well, as the band put it 'it was the most stupid thing that we could imagine as band's name...' Welp, having reviewed on Soundclick for a while, I'd say stick around because you obviously haven't seen stupid names. Soundclick is almost entirely full of them. Sorry, my little jest, because I have seen some r-e-a-l-l-y stupid names and to me 60 Hertz seems entirely reasonable. 69 Hertz sounds even better so just hang on a minute and I'll grab me coat...

Sorry. Can't seem to stop tonight :D

60 Hertz are a five peice band who apparently play live a lot, and it certainly shows in their music. VTEI is a musical punch in the face but one that I'd certainly like to receive more of. This track has enough energy and drive to power a small town - before morphing into a dancy, trancy kinda way that I'd normally run a mile from. The energy of the track and the obvious joy of the musicians in creating such a massive din is what won me over initially even though it contains elements of my least liked of genres: dance/techno.

What shines out, above all, is that 60 Hertz are an incredible live band. I can tell that without even seeing them but what would you need to listen to me for, the track is more than convincing. Mind you, the mixing of elements of rock, dance and lyricism pays off big time, even when - like me - you know not one word of Russian. What comes through instead is the massive impact this has on an old rock animal like me (for the intro) and the sheer charge it gives the spirit. Strangely enough, this track has a Parental Advisory attached to it which you might assume has no bearing because - well, it's all very Russian. The sound, tone and delivery are pure magic and should also carry a PA. THIS is a band I'm gonna be watching out for....

A smack upside the head. MUST HAVE.

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