Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Legendary Fred Miller - Don't Ever Forget

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In the short time I have known him, I have got to be quite fond of The Legendary Fred Miller which is surprising given the way we first met. A Light In The Darkness was my first introduction to him and is a cautionary tale about first impressions. I mentioned that Fred had a way about him vocally but I was really quite scathing (for me anyway) about the rest of the track which I felt had more of the slapdash about it than was good for it. I also mentioned that Fred had a quirky vocal style but - again - after a few more tracks under my belt, I don't consider him that way now. The Doors influenced There Is Nothing New Under The Sun (December 2007) sealed that deal as far as I am concerned. OK, not the greatest voice in the world but he can carry a tune.

Don't Ever Forget is a different beast from the tracks I have mentioned and is much more like the loose and rambling first track, although it sounds considerably better. It's the content that meanders, and given the musical style - Psychedelic Rock - I suppose it should do exactly that. It would help, of course if while listening I could be tripping on acid but these days not many of us are so how much of an audience might this have? Outside of dyed-in-the-wool Fred Miller fans of which, I would bet, there are a few.

The key theme of this particular rock style were the technical details and the floaty, massed voices that seemed to be everywhere at the time. Again, vocally Fred has nailed it but those floaty massed voices aren't really a vocal per se. Fact is, Don't Ever Forget is an instrumental, which also happens to stretch out to just over four minutes long. Even though the track has 'more vocals, more guitar, and a shorter title, it is still an instrumental and that just isn't to a great many people's taste. Nonetheless, Fred always manages to impart a sense of the sheer fun he is having making this music and that's always a help because I wouldn't rate this track much otherwise, except for the nailing of the period and the easy, give-or-take delivery.

Whimsical instrumental.

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