Monday, January 21, 2008

The Rivergods - Ten Mile Yearning

Hear The Track Here

Here's a track picked especially for you from Chris Bishop, who filled in the last blank on this months list from Popspace so we know who to blame if it doesn't come up to snuff eh? On the other hand he's also no slouch when it comes to recognising quality which is why I grabbed this with both hands. To Chris (aka Project Overseer) music has to have thought behind it, production values far above the usual biscuit tin and wind tunnel, and a decent tune or two. Which exactly chimes with what I want from music, alongside emotion, drama and style, which is why I don't get too many Must Haves I guess...

Sheesh, wots a boy ter do? (Ed: Get on with it...)

I guess it is because I was but a lad when the Beatles first hit the world, but I have had a love for melodic rock all my life - an abiding that never seems to waver. On the unsigned front, Soundclick has been a tremendous source for that kind of music and The Rivergods would fit into that pantheon perfectly. A husband and wife team comprises the band; Parent and Brossard both of which are singers, and the relaxed almost country feel they bring to this peice make it stand out from the very first listen - especially when you are a fidelity geek like me or Chris Bishop.

As if that weren't enough, the production and overall sound of this track is extremely good, obviously been at great pains to get it all right. All plus points in my books, and if you like that whole melodic pop thing then I think you'd like this track very much. Having said that, it isn't one of the jaw-dropper tracks I normally give my highest rating too but it really isn't very far off it. As it is, it's a brilliant introduction to this new (to me) artist and it's a sure sign that I'll be back for more.

Excellent slice of Alternative rock, with a li'l ol' twist of country. Highly Recommended.

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