Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fluidity - Best Behaviour

Hear The Track Here

John Paul Carroll from Christchurch N.Z is the geezer to know for all things Fluidity. This Kiwi one-man-band is more than enough for yer average rock fan, as any of the tracks on his Soundclick page will testify. A guitarist/songwriter who has improved consistently in the three years or so I have known him. So much so, that last year he gave me three different tracks all of which ended up on my Track of The year 2007 list at the beginning of this month. Not bad for someone who spends his whole life upside down now, is it?

John Paul has long has a love affair happening with rock with a distinctly poppy edge. I've described his work now and again as being like Status Quo, the kind of light cheerful rock that makes you wake right up. Then when you get deeper into the track you start to realise that the guy can string meaningful words together too, usually to make a serious point. In that respect Best Behaviour is absolutely standard Fluidity, a song about relationships so no surprise there.

It's a slightly laid back track, making fine use of an acoustic guitar and - it has to be said - a very classy arrangement that sucks the listener in and won't let go. You just have to know where its going next, know what I mean. There again, I am a confirmed, long term Fluidity fan and he's not disappointed me yet. You would have to have a liking for the rockier side of pop (or the poppier side of rock) to really enjoy what Fluidity is all about but whatever the choices there is no doubt that when he sets his mind to it, he can write a great song. As an added bonus, I don't think I have ever heard the master in such better voice either.

Ace pop rock, as only Fluidity can do it. Highly Recommended.

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