Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fear 2 Stop - Jungle Fever Blisters

Hear The Track Here

Back in my early days reviewing on Soundclick whenever I ran a review list I shuddered to see two names come on there, month after month. The first was Station For Imitation (aka Thomas J and all his guises) and Fear 2 Stop were the second. The reason for the trepidation was because both artists considered themselves 'experimental' and - at the time - earned themselves the description of the Awkward Squad from yours truly. Now though, with a good many years behind us Billy, Dana and Raymond (aka Fear 2 Stop) are as much a part of the scene as anyone else. Sure their music is still the far side of Pluto aurally, but hey they do it such style these days even I can forgive them.

I have to say that after a few absolutely cracker tracks (including a Track Of The Year 2007 with Givin In) fear 2 Stop seem to have reverted back to their earlier style - at least in terms of track construction and composition. OK, so this is a far better sound quality overall, even though the sounds used in Jungle Fever Blisters are decidedly lo-fi and even - dare I say the word - hokey. To give the band their due, they have always played with sounds that can only be described as hokey or cheesy. In fact, they have built their reputations on it and usually can be relied upon to actually get away with it, as they do (narrowly) with Jungle Fever Blisters.

Don't go by the confusing intro, or even the clapped out Farfisa sound that peppers it. This is a track that will take more than a few plays to get into your brain - should you even want to give it ear room. You may be one of those people who have an automatic mind shutdown as soon as you see the word 'experimental' and therefore this is a track to steer clear of. For anyone of a tinkering nature, you will find much to like here because it is - to my ears anyway - a musical tinker about that manages to hold itself upright and together even though you know its stoned out of its tiny mind.

Experimental, as only Fear 2 Stop can be. Recommended.

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