Sunday, January 27, 2008

Unifaun - Birth Of A Biggie

Hear The Track Here

Even while these words were being hewn from my mind, a new version of this track slammed into my Inbox courtesy of one half of Unifaun: Nad Sylvan. That typical of the man, of course, he plays Mr Perfectionist to a T. As a long term fan of both his work and Bonamici (the other half of Unifaun), it is a certified fact that I would like whatever this Swedish duo came up with. No mean feat when their chosen field is prog rock of the Genesis variety, an area of music I have heaped entire mountains of abuse on in the past. It's a sign of just how good these two musicians are at what they do, and that has always been the hallmark of their work, individually or otherwise,

World class stuff - EVERY track.

The only problem is that tracks are far and few between. There again when you consider the quality and time consuming detail involved it's not surprising it takes them so long. A self-confessed 'Genesis soundscape' band I'd say they passed the pastiche stage long ago. While their sound may originate and be inspired by Genesis, Unifaun (by whatever name) have consistently made the style their own, as you will hear. As well as being a musician of taste and complexity, Nad Sylvan (who I suspect has the major role here) has a vocal style and tone that owes nothing whatsoever to Phil Collins but hearks back to an even earlier pop age. I've likened his vocal to Cat Stevens in his prime and I see nothing wrong with that today.

Whether you like this whole prog rock thing or not - and I generally don't - even the most disinterested listener couldn't fail to notice just how good this sounds - all seven and a half minutes of it. Yep, better pack some sandwiches because its gonna be a long trip. There again, you are going there via one of Soundclick's greater talents, so there will be plenty to gawp at along the way. Anyone who has even a passing interest in Genesis is going to wet their knickers when they hear this. I've always liked Nad's lyrical flow and he's outdone himself on Birth Of A Biggie; anyone who can use the word 'mellisonant' in a song AND in the right context can do no wrong.

MUST HAVE (whispers) prog-rock.

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