Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rude Corps - I Quit

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Rude Corps sez 'this was inspired by my grandad, who apparently had chances to become an artist for the Sunderland Echo and to play cricket for Durham, but cos he also had a stutter, he lacked the self-confidence to grab those chances. As a result, he spent his entire working life - some 40 years - at the coal face of Ryhope Colliery. That's something I tend to keep in mind whenever anything or anyone tries to discourage me from focussing on my music.' NOW I know why he is known throughout the 'click as 'citizen dolly bitch-hog', an upbringing like that is enough to temper anyone; and what better reason for making music do you need?. T'ain't gonna change the world, as we know, but it's a fine and honourable way to make a statement, politically or otherwise.

And we don't talk politics here...

When I first met Neil O'Brien (aka Rude Corps) I reviewed Tonight's Alright and I wasn't that impressed. Sure it was OK and it did inspire me to listen further and I am glad I have done so. Over the time since, Rude Corps has given me some good tracks indeed including a couple with vocalist Sir that are well worth hunting down. Reviewing A Spark (August 2007) I discovered that the dolly bitch-hog could vocalise too as he does on I Quit, whose lyrics certainly reflect the sentiments expressed in the first paragraph and which I highly recommend reading while you have a listen to the track. Bearing in mind that this track is distinctly lo-fi and lo-tech, it will probably be required.

There is a distinct difference in tone and texture between music made in the south and north of England, and both Rude Corps and his style plug directly into the Northern side. Music from there has always had a harder-edged, grittier approach to the subject, as evinced by the (to me...) glum rock gang first seen as Echo & The Bunnymen and every other whinger and whiner known to man. Luckily, Rude Corps knows a lot better than that. It took me a long while to get into this track, partly because of the oh-so-ruff sound and partly because I am not always comfortable with this style. Nonethless, persistence pays off. Underneath the hustle and bustle in a decent song.

Recommended Northern Soul (albeit an electronica variety). The emotion is the same.

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