Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alice Sweet Alice - Alone

Hear The Track Here

Not sure exactly where this track got on this list because I have a couple of addresses for the band, both of which are in the links above. A new name to me, Alice Sweet Alice is 'darkwave from New England', an area justly famed for its leanings towards the dark side so a band seems only right somehow. A four peice band consisting of Scott Martinez (who seems to do everything except switch the lights off), Julie Cartonio on vocals and guitar, Jeffrey Galios on lead guitar and Ali Katon keyboards and vocals. If the name sounds familiar, it comes from a 1977 schlock horror movie which featured the dubious debut of one Brooke Shields.

Let's all take a deep breath right now...

Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) state that their material 'leans towards the macabre' and that certainly proves true musically, although I would have liked to have seen some lyrics. Defiantly rock based, Alone, has a muscular feel to it from the getgo and I was a bit surprised to see that they were not a gigging band because the track was nice and tight - the way it should be. One of my major technical problems with material of this kind is the often duff sound that accompanies it. If you are going to make music that describes the Crack Of Doom, it better fekkin well SOUND like it, know what I mean. Drums the size of England, guitars wider than oceans and a vocal that tears the heart from your chest.

Aye, it would be wise to gulp right now.

Having found no fault whatsever in the production, all comes down to the performance and songwriting and it is obvious that the skill doesn't just lie in the technical. ASA are a hard, intelligent sound in a sea of clones, sneakily substituting vocal phrasing, tone and delivery rather than the usual weepin' wailin' and general gnashing of teeth. It's a given then that someone like me would go for this track, it has pretty much everything I look for in a track. It isn't an instant ear-grabber right enough, but given enough time it definitely packs the right punch.

Highly Recommended 'darkwave from New England'

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