Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Peach Tree - Doctor Seuss Or A Sheep

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I first met Australia's The Peach Tree (aka Angus somethingorother) last month when I picked up a track of his through POPspace. The track, Psy Vampires (December 2007) wasn't exactly too my tastes being dance, but hey the musician wasn't at fault, merely my own vapid and abhorrent taste. It didn't stop me giving it a Highly Recommended though, and if that ain't overcoming my predjudice I don't know what is. It's funny to think that, even though not liking dance music as a whole, I still manage to like and yes even keep some of the dance tracks I review from time to time. Some tracks shine out regardless of which genre they happen to be filed under.

Doctor Seuss Or A Sheep isn't just dance, it's a kinda odd techno dance that - although different - doesn't do anything for me. See, I spent years and years messing about with TBs of all descriptions and even more time with their software clones Rebirth and the ilk, I got overdosed on the sound if ya know what I mean. If you like that whole bleepy/drum machinery/weird electronic vocals, then I've just accurately described what resides inside this quite silly title. I am allowed to say that btw, even the artist says 'there's always room for a little silliness'.

Couldn't agree more.

As you can imagine then, this is a track to be taken somewhat lightly which is probably a good job too because the intro will certainly have you guessing which direction its going to dart off in. It quickly settles into yer standard bash bash bash, but given the rhythmic oddities (are they a mistake or intentional?) does make the track somewhat more enjoyable than if it had been a serious offering. As it is, at least for this reviewer, it's an interesting listening but outside of a very narrow genre I don't think this will affect that many people. The fact is, electronica is an incredibly busy genre and the competition is very, very hot to trot and while this track is likeable and warm, it also needs to blow me on my ass to really make me foam at the mouth.

Recommended electronic oddity nonetheless.

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