Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cam's Even Song - It's Just Like That

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The blossoming of Jim Miller isn't a book title but it should be. (Ed: uh oh, Gilmore has finally lost his marbles and got his artists confused). In the few years I have known him, I have watched this Soundclick powerhouse expand his musical and technical skills to the point where he has his own studio AND is probably one of the most collaborative musicians around. Texans, ya see. Big hearts for a big country. Cam, of course, comes from a lot further north (brrrr) but his heart is just as big and both - even though it seems wildly improbable - are past Gilmore Artist's Of The Year. Jim-n-Lisa] (who also appears on this track) won the dubious honour in 2004 and Cam won it in 2006. So, it's a given then that you should read a certain amount of bias into my tone of voice. Of course I'm biased. I love all these musicians and I am proud to champion what they do.

Oh God, does my sycophancy look big in this???

It's Just Like That finds our chums, Cam, Jim and Lisa in whimsical pop mode, coming in at just three minutes. In other words, one of what I would call Cam classics. If you ever really want to say what defines Cam's Even Song, it has to be this eternal shifting from the musical rooots of the Beatles to Bob Dylan and country on out. That and the totally approachable, warm manner each track excels in. As I've said before, I prefer Cam's more heftier work lyrically and stylistically, but when I can't get any of that, I'll definitely go for the pop side and this track is - now what is that saying now? - right in the pocket.

As indeed it should be.

With Jim on sax, Lisa on backing vocals and Cam on everything else, I would expect nothing less. What I didn't expect was how bright and fresh a sound comes out of the combination. Mmmmm. Sorry, got a bit lost there with thoughts of launching Soundclick's first supergroup :D Cam shows just how good he is at writing songs with pace, drama and more power than the Energizer Bunny, if I had reviewed the song alone it would be a surefire winner. The bonus of The Old Wailer (Ed: I think he refers to Mr Miller) and his good lady wife (Ed: that'll be Lisa then) is the icing on a cake already replete with treats. Music to gorge on. So, put it like this... If you think I jest in any way in the praise I heap upon their puny shoulders, put it to the test. Grab a listen to this knockout track. It's three minutes out of your life. Whadda ya lose?

MUST HAVE pop. Heaven for saxmaniacs.

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