Sunday, January 20, 2008

Superbron - All The Rivers Flow Into The Sea

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At this stage, having reviewed a few of this artists tracks, I think I have a fairly good angle on what he is about; he's had a couple of recommendeds from me and a couple of lukewarm kinda/sorta reviews. Now obviously it would be wrong to try and define an artist by the style they work in, and I have made no secret of my dislike of soundtracks in general and film soundtracks in particular, what I look for over and above genre is consistency. The artists ability to turn out tracks that are sharp, to-the-point and aurally close to state of the art on a regular basis really has to be the aim, because that is what the competition is up to and I have found plenty to rave about over the years - even for a genre I detest.

There again, I'm sure Superbron is tired of hearing that...sorry mate. :(

I've also pointed out all along that Superbron seems to be a more than capable musician, a clever one in some ways. But, somehow, between here and there, his tracks have still to really make me sit up and pay attention and I guess we really just have to put that down to taste. There is a very European music feel about All The Rivers Flow Into The Sea, if you know what I mean. Like all musicians, Superbron is merely reflecting his cultural roots and for someone who remembers the great Dutch musicians from Golden Earing, Shocking Blue et al will know exactly what I mean. At this stage I would venture that what Superbron needs most right now is a plain and simple producer - as an outside influence.

Like a lot of this artists tracks this also suffers from weak arrangements, staid and comfortable sounds and - it has to be said - a certain degree of inconsistency in performance. It was at least a couple of plays in before I noticed that the track actually had drums on it. That's how far back in the mix it was. The funny thing is, yet again, that all the peices are here to make it happen, and it just doesn't ignite. It sure as s*** should, especially given the lyrical content which I found very inspiring. Standing at well over six minutes long, All The Rivers Flow Into The Sea is gonna be an earful no matter what, I am of the opinion that it could have lost a couple of minutes and been none the worse for it.

There again, I was ever a philistine eh?

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