Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pilesar - Bamboo Garden

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Pilesar is a Soundclick Alternative Experimental artist. In other, more earthier terms; incredibly fekkin weird. Now to a great many people, 'weird' often equates with good but to a much large majority it instantly means reaching for the sick bucket. Or is it that retching for the sick bucket? No matter, not good whatever it is. Pilesar is unashamedly himself in every respect. Here is an artist who has gone out of his way to be different, and yet still still accessible to many who wouldn't normally be seen dead with such a peice of musical chicanery. One of Pilesar's greatest strengths are an experimental artist is being able to cross boundaries and he certainly does that.

Yeah, better bring along the sick bag.

Being an avid student of all things Asian in particular and China in general, I have used and loved a great many instruments from that region. To some Western ears, Chinese music can sound incredibly dischordant, full of hight pitches instruments and voices. Well, I say, it would depend how those instruments are used. The reason I am yammering on like this is because - as you may have guessed - Bamboo Garden uses the aforementioned bamboo on the instruments hence that tinkly, almost vibey sound.

Bloody good use it is too, although as I have already stated this may sound odd to some, but hey with Pilesar it was ever thus. I particularly liked the pace and approach of this track and whether Pilesar's intention was to stimulate the good ol' China dream, I'd say he had succeeded. One of the standouts of the track is the way he puts the percussive elements (ie the bamboo tonky things) against his usual sample/verbal/electronic/noise interjections. Very effective. Nonethless, don't expect to find much of stirring epic here, just a very good percussive instrumental. See, that's different - a percussive instrumental.

Recommended Asian oddity. Pilesar goes all Mandarin on our butts!!

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