Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sound Radius - Opus 2007 Symphonic Rock Demo

Hear The Track Here

Regular readers of these reviews may remember this erstwhile film music composer (he did threaten to give up this whole film music thing) a while ago delivering some absolutely splendid film soundtracks full of action, drama and emotion - and that is not something you encounter every day. Despite my intolerance of the whole soundtrack genre, Sound Radius proved that even my mountain of predjudice could be toppled, and topple it he did. Gaining a Must Have with the very first track, The Power Within (December 2006), Sound Radius has managed since then to keep even an old curmedgeon like me happy with tracks that dazzle and inspire. By far one of the best soundtrack artists on Soundclick IMHO and then he goes and gives it up...

...or does he? I think the term 'symphonic' in the title gives the game away.

While its true that Opus 2007 - Symphonic Rock Demo is most definitely not a soundtrack, it had many of the same sound elements about it. Lots of strings, much bombast and the stirring, thrilling stuff that only Sound Radius seems capable of, when put against his contemporaries. Judging progress by this track though, seems a bit off. See it isn't really a track at all, merely bits and peices of a much longer peice that is in the works. Speaking of which I was surprised to see that I had two Sound Radius tracks on my hard drive once I'd bought in the harvest, this track and Ave Metalica.

Billed as a track from Opus 2007, Ave Metalica is much more what I was expecting. As good as the various bits of the demo are, it still doesn't give me a feeling for the whole. Ave Metalica supplied the missing link. A lovely peice of classically inspired drama rock, it displays SR's unerring ability to spot a good sound and use it to the best possible advantage. The track also benefits from a more detailed production than the demo and that sure as **** sharpens the odds that you will like it too. Opus 2007, in all its guises is certainly going to be something to look forward to over the next few months. In the meantime, I would treat Ave Metalica as being the starter and Opus 2007 - Symphonic Rock Demo being the trailer.

An excellent blend of rock and classical. Highly Recommended for Ave Metalica.

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