Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tedd-Z - Loom

Hear The Track Here

Way back when all this computer technology was still in short pants, games were the big thing driving the innovation of new hardware. One of the best companies of the time was LucasArts whose games were stunning; musically and gameplay. One game has become a kind of legend and it is also the inspiration behind Tedd-Z's new musical offering; Loom. Ah, them were the days though eh? Computers the size of pocket battleships, served by 5 inch floppies and rendered in a crisp (if such a word could ever be applied in such circumstances) EGA and even (gulp) VGA. In these days of multi-million colour displays, its seems strange that it was only fifteen years ago when what I've described above was the only reality.

5 hours playing the game, 100 years working out the computer glitches.

Gorra be said that the idea was planted in me brain this would be some kind of 'retro' experience and if anyone can do this, it would be Tedd-Z. Glad to say this is not so, because although I have a certain amount of nostalgia for the games, the soundtracks left a lot to be desired. Nope, Tedd-Z's uses all his hard earned musical chops to deliver an electronica track that shows a respectful nod to the originals (I even heard some Wing Commander sounds in there) while still managing to make it fresh for todays much elevated tastes

Having a long memory, I also remember bumping into this spotty student oik somewhere in 2003, reviewing a track called Lullaby (which was anything but...) and being not that greatly impressed. It is to Tedd-Z' eternal credit that he just shrugged everything off and kept on making 'his' music, While Loom finds him in disturbing mellow mood (not usually an emotion ascribed to the man), I have to say it does indeed invoke the period and certainly the game itself and if that was the objective then it worked a treat. Mind you, I didn't like this style then and I don't like it now but I was ever a barbarian in these matters.

Highly Recommended kinda/sorta games soundtrack.

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