Saturday, June 17, 2006

Waxko - Rock'nd Kanny

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As I've tried to explain a thousand, million times, the very last thing I intend to do when I sit down to write a review is to rubbish it. More to the point, if I HAVE to rubbish it, I like to think I provide adequate reasons for doing so. Not always possible of course, especially with something so personal as the tracks we make - and, of course, it's only an opinion anyway. The reason I blather on like this is because when I reviewed Waxko's Ocean (May 2006), the slaughter was so intense I'm still trying to get the blood off the walls. I think part of the reason for that reaction from me was because I had heard a couple of much, much better tracks prior to that and thought he was capable of better work.

Yeah, yeah, me Billy No Mates again...

One track in particular Heroes Of The Daily Grind (December 2005) the very first track I reviewed from him is still resident on my hard drive and I guess it's my liking for that track that colours my views about these later tracks. Looking back through those tracks along with the excellent melody construction, are certain things I could find fault with. They were to the fore in Ocean and play a small part in the proceedings that make up Rock'nd Kanny, although nothing like the level that marred that track. The more time I spent with it, the more I returned to what I liked about him first of all - his willingness to experiment with different sounds being the main ingredient.

Along with that degree of experimentation though, it is inevitable that you will get some distinctly dodgy sections. This track does contain a couple of those but it also covers some nice melds of differing shades of chill out that save it. Definitely something that won't appeal to many people outside of it's Electronica genre but if you like a bit of weird then this will do the trick. Funny thing is about those violins; you would SWEAR they were out of tune and then - turn a corner - whammo, perfect. A somewhat flawed effort but I think it has enough quirkiness to get it a few listens.

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