Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Redshirt - It's Been A Long Time

Hear The Track Here

I first came across this MP3 Unsigned artist when I reviewed his Warmed Up (February 2006) which I liked but thought that somehow it missed the mark. It SHOULD have been a killer track because it had everything going for it, but to my ears there was something essential missing. At the end of that review I wrote 'it's fairly obvious that if this is an example of what The Redshirt does, then it's only a question of coming across the right track' So the burning question going through the ozone right now is, could this be the one we are expecting? This, mind you, from a guy who doesn't really have a lot of love for dance a la electronica, it's never been a favourite genre of mine. Still, when it's done well (Push The Button by the Chemicals is a classic example of when it works well) it's something really special.

There's a HUGE amount of comments on this track, mainly extremely positive, and from some MP3 Unsigned names I have a lot of respect for. The one thing that will become obvious immediately is that the key word here is dance; 4 to the floor, giant peaks and valleys and a very, very insidious rhythm. Some impressive production going on here too, pre and post. Redshirt has picked a perfect set of sounds to work with and in the process given me the very track I was expecting from him. It is most important to remember here that I don't have much time for yer average dance track but this... Way beyond any genre labelling. Sure, it sounds like dance, you can move to it like dance (and indeed it is being used in a ballet/Modern event) but it's oh so much more than that.

The thing is bulging with musical muscle...

What do I particularly like about it? Mmmmm, where to start.... Right at the beginning of the track, the instrumentation sucks you straight in - whether you like it or not. Around 1:25 it segues beautifully into a wonderful acoustic section that I slobbered over for many plays. Perfect sound. Then theres the set-back-in-the-mix vocal lines from Redshirt and Stayce Camparo repeating the same line endlessly (hey sounds strange, but its one of those you have to hear it things). The note perfect syncopation of the high synth towards the end of the track is special too, except I could have done it with it being a smidge louder, all backed by a lolopping take-yer-fekkin-head off bass sequence that cannot be denied. So, after quite exhaustive listening, I finally came to the conclusion that this track is a monster. A huge, lumbering beast that sweeps all before it, right in every detail and a thing of beauty. It's also one of the rare times - I must admit - that I actually agreed with most of the comments posted about the track.

MUST HAVE dance track. Aural steriods.

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