Monday, June 26, 2006

Mark Holley - Blink Of An Eye

Hear The Track Here

There seems to be a preponderance of Mark's on MP3 Unsigned and here's a track featuring two of them. Mark Alexander should be a name some of you will recognise because I've reviewed at least a couple of his tracks already and he's quite visible on the site. Mark Holley, on the other hand, is a new name to me. A 'keyboardist/guitarist/writer' from Oooooklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma so we should presume that all 'keyboardist/guitarist/writer' roles are his and Mark Alexander supplies the vocals (and the bass too, as it happens). It's also a multi-country collab (Mark A is in the UK, Mark H is - as I mentioned before in excruciating detail -in that state I cannot name but can sing passibly well...)

Mmmmm. Let's crack on....

I am also going to presume that the final mix and a lot of the post production was down to Mark H and I gotta say he's gone a very decent job. Everything is where it should be, both sound spectrum and stereo picture and there are some lovely sounds going on. Mark Alexander is putting in a class performance too, sounding very confident on this very likeable track. It's a pop rock blend that could be performed by any of the commercial artists both guys cite as influences. Considering such influences as David Bowie, Elton John, Billy Joel (ahhh there's the main influence) and others, them coming up with a track like this is a complete no brainer. Inevitable, even.

Why are you looking at me so suspiciously??

You know there is an undertone to my conversation, don't you? Well, you'd be right. The hardest thing about this is that I DO like the track. I like the way it's put together, I like the way it's played and performed and I like the way it takes a respectful bow to its predecessors, and overall I like it's adherence to the standard achieved in the genre they are in. My problem is that as much as I would expect it to be exciting, it just isn't. To be sure, it's a great example of how to make a classic track with all the requisities but somehow it just misses the target for me. In the meantime, what we do hear is plenty enough for our Great Leader: General Public and I'm just a damn perfectionist ESPECIALLY when it comes to impact, drama and meaning.

For non-knobheads this is going to be a great listen, and one I recommend if you like the genre.

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