Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ditheramb - Premis

Hear The Track Here

MP3 Unsigned is a site that hosts many fine artists, covering just about every genre known to man. I have spent almost two years reviewing those artists by now and I think I have a pretty good grip on who does what. Out of all those musicians though, there aren't that many that make music that is - in any meaningful way - different. Sure the site has it's share of musical oddballs, as does any self respecting unsigned/indie site, but the real movers and shakers seem to be more on the surface of this site than most of the others I frequent. Besides, how 'different' can you make a genre like - say - heavy metal? Well, I tell you what, go over to their MP3 Unsigned page and pick a track - any track - and tell me that this band don't do the business on a genre that most of us thought set in stone years ago.

I've been a big fan of this Australian band ever since I heard their unique take on a genre that I loved once, then grew to hate. Heavy metal music is as much a part of my life as rock music in general, and as such became a genre I worked in in the real world. My hate for the genre came when (IMveryHO) it was taken over and shredded by thrash and all of its many minions. Ditheramb, bless 'em, gave me a refreshing new look at this genre, and for that they have gathered (count 'em) two Highly Recommended's and one Must Have (Euphoria, February 2006) and must rate as one of my favourite MP3 Unsigned artists. OK, it is fair to point out that I have a bias here - being well versed in the genre - and that I am bound to like what Ditheramb do because not only do they refresh the parts that other bands miss by a mile, but they do it with such style. Take a listen to Euphoria and see what I mean.

Premis, on the other hand, is a short 'intro' peice, unlike their other mega monsters. It being pretty much an acoustic guitar peice albeit in the usual tasteful way. Almost the first thing you'll notice is how clear and crisp everything seems, and how that one instrument takes up the whole of the stereo spectrum. That, my friends, is paying attention to packaging as well as performance. As far as performance goes, I'd say this was perfect, the highlight being a most effective lead line right before the end that just lifts everything that extra mile. Short but sweet. I'll settle for this but I wanna hear something a lot, lot meatier in return guys :D

Short, sharp and (very) effective.

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