Monday, June 12, 2006

Fear 2 Stop - Jackin

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Don't know what it is with Fear 2 Stop just lately because - after a lifetime of whinging and moaning from yours truly - they have hit the right spot three times in a row. Seriously, Billy, Dana and Raymond (aka F2S) have had the most reviews of anyone on Soundclick and very few of them were complimentary. I musta kicked these guys butts into eight million different shapes by now and then - all of a sudden - bam, bam, bam... Instellar Bounce (March 2006), Drawn (April 2006) and Enter the Eclipse (2005 remix) (May 2006) have all been undeniably Fear 2 Stop tracks but with an essential difference.

These are accessible tracks, and very listener friendly...

I never thought I would ever write THAT about Fear 2 Stop's music. Not sure what is contributing to this upsurge in their musical reach but I'm all for it. Take Jackin for example. Anyone who heard F2S a couple of years ago would be absolutely floored to hear that this track was by the same group. Having said that, they have also managed to retain that edge of extreme weirdness that has so characterised their work so - at this stage - I'd have to say that F2S have definitely turned a corner. See Jackin is also a track with much to commend it and even though there is a noticeable hiss on the track, its nothing compared to some of the aural nightmares this artist has thrown at us over the years.

Weighing it at an easily assimilated two and a half minutes, the track is big; both in terms of sounds and arrangement. F2S say about this track that 'F2S go down to the 'hood and get down with the homies, as only we can' and I'd have to say that is a pretty good description. While it's certainly not hip hop in the strictest sense, it definitely has a scuzzy, big city feel about it; along with the usual wild s*** that is the Fear 2 Stop raison d'etre. I must say it is nice to sit here and finally be complimentary about Fear 2 Stop because they have worked long and hard at establishing what THEY want and now they seem to have it. Admittedly Jackin isn't going to be to everyone's taste but I like it and that is something that makes me feel good today.

Excellent experimental electronica with that special F2S touch.

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