Friday, June 16, 2006

Crockmister - Never Get It Right

Hear The Track Here

Crockmister AKA Craig Sofaly is an MP3 Unsigned artist and one half of Deggsy & Crockmister, IMO possibly the best duo around right now. Certainly the slickest, anyway. They came real close to getting artist of the year 2005 from me and did feature highly in my year end review. Not bad considering the amount of tracks that went to form this high opinion. Artists that really score with me have to be infinitely well rounded, accomplished at fleshing out a track beyond it's initial inspirational phase. Such tracks have grace, beauty and maybe even a longevity in this rushed age of ours. No matter, but to complicate the issue even further, I have to state that this is a Crockmister only track.

I first met Crockmister when I reviewed his Walking Between Two Worlds (October 2004) when his Deggsy collaboration wasn't even a glint in the eye. I said of that track, and the vocal performance, 'think about Cat Stevens (Ysuf Islam) singing in the style of Van Morrison in full flow' and this is the same thing two years on. A clearer sound, an infinitely crisp mix and all the vocal treacle you can stand. Sorry, I know this is going to sound mawkish but I genuinely love to hear this this guy sing. To be sure, his material isn't always to my taste but he has never delivered sub standard in his vocal work EVER. Can't say that about everyone and is a sure mark of Crockmister's payment of dues.

As if the impeccable vocals weren't enough, Craig always allys that to a dynamite song writing talent (a man for the right words at the right time). At this point in time I am a confirmed fan of this mans music, whether in collaboration or on his own. He has a vocal knowingness that will fair take your breath away if you've never heard him before. If you are in that unfortunate position, I recommend you pick up on one of the best soul (real soul that is) voices around. I don't know Craig at all outside of this internet experience, but I kinda know who he is. Music pours out out his pores, infests his thoughts and generally makes his life a misery EXCEPT when making little masterpieces like this for the rest of us to gawp ruefully at. Never Get It Right is a perfect track, with a superlative vocal that will give you the shivers. In a world where justice ruled, this would be a number one everywhere.

MUST HAVE (for comfort and warmth)

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