Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Delivery System - Not Of That Faith

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I try real hard to stick to the list system because I believe it is the fairest way to do this whole reviewing malarky. Unfortunately, it does mean that a lot of my own personal favourite artists never get a look in, usually because they know that I am crazed with review requests and they feel others need the exposure more. Welp, I disagree, and whenever one of my own favourites releases a new track, I'll make room for them. I have known The Delivery System for fekking yonks, and have been a fan for as long. Why? Because there really is no-one around quite like Ffabbia (aka TDS) musically, personally or in any other way. Truly a one off. Mind you, that may be a good thing ;)

Too many Ffabbia's would be likely to break the warp and weft of time itself.

More to the point, TDS has some tenchant opinions views on life, the Universe and everything and is not afraid to show them. Sometimes that has been known to backfire, but hey you got to stand up fr what you believe in. So as much as we may differ from time to time about political/world events, I have never differed about this guys musical talent - again uniquely Ffabbia and no-one else. The list of TDS favourites is way too long to go into here, and Not Of That Faith is going fit right in with its siblings. One of the things I have always admired about this artists work is his way with the wordies, as anyone who has had the pleasure to read his outpourings will tell you. While I don't think this is one of his finer lyrical offerings, it still manages to score enough - helped enormously by the trademark TDS vocal treatment. Stetched out to a huge 7:30, Faith feels too me like two or even three songs squished together in the most remarkable manner. So much so that as much as I loved the first half of the the track, the second half didn't fare anything like as well.

There's also a playful, weird oddness about much of this artists work, and it's in that area where I have the biggest problem with this track. It seems to me that from the point of 'You've gone, but I remember' line there are some tuning problems happening that seriously detract from the impact of this final stanza. Knowing Gazza (aka TDS aka Ffabandalltherest) that may well be intentional - he has been known to be awkward. Just a bit like... Anyway, I came away from this track just a tad disappointed because I felt personally that the track could have done with that extra effort (especially with that last verse) in thinking about the overall impact. So, only one man's opinion and as we know they are like bums, everyone has one. Pure Delivery System for sure, but I'll go to his back catalog for the real McCoy. Nonetheless as an introduction to what The Delivery System does, this will definitely give you the flavour of this individualistic MP3 Unsigned artist.

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