Friday, June 23, 2006

Rainy D - Why Don't You Listen?

Hear The Track Here

Now here is something you don't see every day, the lady known as Rainy D stepping out on her own. For those who have no idea wtf I'm talking about, listen on... Rainy is also part of Serenity who have to be one of MP3 Unsigned best known artists. As if that pedigree is not enough, Why Don't You Listen? has a music track courtesy of Virus who - if you are regular reader - I have written much about his musical and production skills. Then, Rainy goes all family on us and ropes in Kirsti, a 16 year old as a vocalist on this poptastic pop tune. Well, it all sounds pretty yummy, doesn't it? Or, if none of these names mean anything at all to you, wtf have you been hiding? ;)

There's no doubt that The Viral One knows what he's about, and this track shows what he does extremely well. There's a clearness to his productions that still leaves enough room to pack a pretty hefty punch, although I must admit seeing those skills put to pop use gives a different slant on it. Why Don't You Listen? is a tightly structured, string laden confection that perfectly suits the infectious pop vocal style. As much as I hate sweet string pads, I have to admit this is a track they actually work in. Either that or I've caught a nasty virus...

I like Rainy's voice, as I mentioned in reviews, and the difference between Kirsti and her is noticeable. Nothing to panic about because Kirsti hold her end up well but when the chorus chimes in and Rainy makes her entrance, the track gains an immediate lift. She has a clear delivery that even works double tracked (as it is) and that's not a bad trick. Not as exciting as I first imagined it to be Why Don't You Listen is nonetheless a very decent pop track indeed. There's a summery feel to it that should find some listens from Serenity fans, and certainly pull in a casual listener. My one regret is that nowhere on the track are both Kirsti and Rainy singing at the same time. That would have been nice. Still, maybe that's something to look forward to eh?

Class pop tune.

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