Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Unlimited Pineapple Club - Spam and Eggs

Hear The Track Here

I came across this Soundlcick band last month when I reviewed their Danlog Babyhead (wha? dunno?) and found it surprisingly listenable despite it being - and I quote - 'quirky nerd metal'. This despite an overwhelmingly bloody awful recording and mix, instantly reminding me of me old mates Shorthand Phonetics, whose musical style somehow won through the din. Despite all appearances to the contrary I have a lot of sympathy for people forced to make music as cheaply and efficiently as possible, I've spent years getting demo ear for the priviledge. Nonetheless, something is either listenable or not and Spam and Eggs veers worryingly towards not.

The fault for this lies partly between the thin, reedy sound and secondly with the arrangement and style of the music TUPC make. So, let me make this real clear. I don't find anything wrong with the music, or at least not much. Being a kinda souped up thrash metal (are you fekking kidding me??), this track is obviously only going appeal to certain people. Moreover, when you get to take in the lyrical content, you find yourself in the midst of a nightmare featuring Dr Seuss on acid. As if that weren't enough, you get your ears razored off in the outro by guitars sharper than any oriental blade ever made.

And I loved it.

Mind you, I'm a cantankerous cuss when it comes to me listening pleasure, as you well know, so it would be best to approach this track with some caution. Moreover if what I have said above is presently giving you the heaves best not even to go there. This track SOUNDS like it was fun for the musicians to make and indeed, there is a cartoon-like quality about it that some will find appealing. While others will flee squealing... As it were. Had the sound been up to scratch, this would have been some meaty, convoluted brew and what we hear is a faint echo of that. I liked it but I sure would like it to sound a lot better. Nonethless, for people like me with a taste for the different it shows this band has great potential.

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