Friday, June 16, 2006

Burp feat. Nini - Recent Colloquy

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Ever since I first came across this Munich based musician I have written reams and reams of praise about his talents. He has an enviable record with this reviewer of consistency and quality. In the space of three years and a great many tracks I can't think of that many times when guy hasn't consistently (nay persistently) pressed all the rght buttons. OK, it's a fair point that he is often 'experimental' and certainly pushes the envelope a few time but the way in which he does it is what keeps me fascinated. I reviewed his Poem For A Centipede last month and gave it a Must Have so that should tell you something going in... The blunt facts are that I have constantly championed this artist because he has so ably challenged me as a listener to open my ears a little wider, litttle widerrrr, there, aaaaaahhhhhhh.

Know what I mean? ;)

Joined in this case by the beautiful Nini a singer from Beijing, China, Recent Colloquy amply displays the ease that musicians from very different places can combine and make something that exists in a third place. If you have no idea what a colloquy is, I suggest you look it up, because you'll need your wits about you to get Burp's wider/wilder visions. The way Nini's voice works (or is treated, I'm not sure which) is definitely one of the many highspots of this track and it's a sure bet you will not have heard the like of this before. Well up to the usual Burp standard and maybe even a stretch above it. On that matter, I'm afraid only time will tell.

However, after being brainwashed by it over the space of six or so days, there is no doubt that this is one of Burp's further moments. Not necessarily for the music this time, an area he usually scores highest in. Nope, this time it's his productiona and arrangement skills that do the old button pressing trick, particularly with the vocals. It's given them a really ethereal touch that is just scrumptious darling!! One of the benefits of this, of course, is that I'll be trooping off to have a proper look at Nini's talents, but I'll also be hanging onto this track for dear life because it is gorgeous in every way. Works better than Asprin.

Highly Recommended.

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