Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Angiee - False Move

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I first came across Angiee at the beginning of 2004 and was quite impressed with the initial reaction she got from me, especially as Angiee makes her home genre hip hop and is a female rapper. As well as being taken by her manner of production style, and relatively assured vocal performance, what really bowled me over was the fact that she was only 14. OK, OK, before y'all turn away let me tell you that this was two years ago and now Angiee's almost 16 and that initial promise still holds - even though it still sounds somewhat odd. It's just a problem that I have with teenage rappers I have, their voices haven't developed enough yet to be really authorative but the possibilty is still there. I said that about Angiee when I reviewed her first track and I say it again, and this track delivers on other levels.

Angiee has always got some good music behind her and the music that adorns False Move is right up my street. Produced by someone called Jon Jyzzle, the musical track is slick, start-stop, cut up rhythms every which way and an almost 'twilight zone' feel in certain sections. For my money, the four and some minutes you spend with this really splendid slice of jagged edge hip hop, zips by as if it were a couple of seconds. Now maybe that's because I am a big fan of the cut up musical style this track bathes in, but there's also no doubting that someone put it together who really understands rhythms. Top marks on that, but not everything in the garden is wonderful. There's a sharpness in the track when first hearing it that you get used to by listening more, but that may put some people off.

That sharpness is, obviously, exacerbated once Angiee makes with her craft, not because she is doing anything wrong - she isn't. She spits out the lyrics appropriately, timely and with attention to the message she is sending. Nonetheless, it's is also a fact that she has a high register voice, and consequently an already toppy mix will only struggle with this. It's about the one real fault with this otherwise excellent track, and one thankfully that most people wouldn't even notice. What they would notice though is the arresting way the music gets your attention and keeps it; no mean feat with a genre like this. Surprisingly enough, Angiee herself only appears in a small portion of this track; most of the time being taken up by the music I have described and she delivers a high energy, tight stream of verbals that complement the music perfectly. Big ups all around I say. Quality hip hop.

Highly Recommended.

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THanks Steve, great article!
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