Thursday, June 08, 2006

Taurus Project - The Cry Of The Whales (We Hear You)

Hear The Track Here

I reviewed the very first Taurus Project track, The Haunting of Charlotte and Emily (September 2004) and loved it right from the start. Taurus Project is the brainchild of the infamous Clive G Beresford (he's much better known as Spyda anyway) and is a vehicle for Clive's more musical bent. Spyda is of course much better known for the intense dance stuff he has pumped out ever since I first met him on another site a long, long time ago. He's actually been quiet on all fronts of late so when I saw this track appear in my MP3 Unsigned signup thread, it came as a bit of a surprise.

A nice one, obviously...

One of the better things about being a long time veteran of the online music scene means that I get to know a lot of people, over a long period of time. Take this guy, for example. When I first met him he was making fairly formulaic dance tracks which although decent enough, didn't break any envelopes. Since then he has blossomed incredibly, a serious, intelligent musician who takes time and trouble to get everything just right. Don't be thinking then that this track is going to be a bland walk in the park, even it's 8:26 running time should give you some substantial pause for thought, you are going to have to devote some serious listening time to this track for it all to register.

For me, the name of the game when attempting peices of work like this is evokation. You have to be able to SEE this material and in that respect Clive has delivered a blinder. Jacques Costeau would have given anything to have shown these splendid mammals in such a choice setting. Who would have thought a Spyda could be this sensitive to other creatures? Although it isn't exactly to my taste (I don't really like soundtracky stuff) The Cry Of The Whales is a beautifully realised peice of music, showing that Taurus Project can still create music of power and resonance even after such a long haitus. More of this majestic stuff please Mr Beresford sir....

Very Classy Soundtrack.

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