Friday, June 23, 2006

Silvertrain - Turn Away

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Exterior: People crowd around a fallen figure, paramedics work furiously to bring him back to his senses. He slowly recovers, gabbling furiously in strange tongues. Seeing as there is never a policeman around unless you are naughty, the crowd exercises great restraint as a commotion starts in the rear. Three people push their way to the front of the mob and assault the stricken man, adorning his body with microphones. They signal over the shoulders to someone unseen. (Foley: A switch is pushed)

Waaddafek?? Sfhshs, fjfhdd. Ooooeer, I feel right strange. Sorry about not being around at the beginning of this review but I'd had a shock, you see. Kind took me mind away, as it were. The reason I was a bit flushed was because, finally, after what seems like A-fekkin-ges, here's a Silvertrain track sung by Ritchie!! Aahhh, not so smug now are we? That falling down trick worked for you too, I see. What about that eh? He finally managed to get out of bed. Tell ya what, I'd better stop joking and get to the music or he'll send the boys round.

Turn Away is worth the wait too, although it isn't without it's faults. Essentially a demo of a track they are about to record properly (I think), it's best not to expect a stellar sound. There's a structure of course, but nothing in the way of augmentation save the guitar figure that holds everything together. It's a good job it's a handy guitar figure, one that can sustain the song, but it does need something to play off it. Vocally, Ritchie sounds great, although some of the recording is a bit harsh it doesn't really blunt any impact the song and delivery may have. In common with the bulk of Silvertrain tracks I have reviewed over the last year or so, this is the bare bones of a very good track and will - I hope - be improved immensely in a studio environment. As it stands, its a terrific song, combined with a perfectly credible guitar accompaniment and it even sounds pretty good too.

Recommended (for the song)

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