Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sleiboi G - Lady Funk (Sinful Lust Mix)

Hear The Track Here

Sleiboi G and I have often found ourselves conversing in various Soundclick forums, principally because he seems like a normal geezer - and after legions of SC muppets - a decent conversationalist should be prized. This is the first time I have been invited to listen to any of his work, and I have to admit I did approach it with a certain amount of reservation. The problem with reviewing honestly is that some people just can't deal with it, can't seem to get it through their heads that this is just one guys opinion that in the scheme of things means fugall. Not that I think Sleiboi will really give a toss what I think, it's obvious he's doing what he wants to do.

Which, btw, is to funk like you wouldn't believe...

Funnily enough, I had always associated him with the electronica crowd which just goes to show how delusional I am these days. My own love of funk comes from James Brown, Booker T, Sly and The Family Stone and others 60's artists then reinvigorated for good and all by the likes of Funkadelic, Bootsy Collins and the grandmaster George Clinton. Surprisingly enough, this is as authentic as anything I have mentioned above which should tell you that Sleiboi has probably been greatly influenced by these people too. From the very first notes, this drags you in and rocks your world and that was always the hallmark of the best funk tracks.

Moreover, if this is Sleiboi himself on the vocals, then it's an even bigger round of applause. Sounding like a cross between Marc Bolan (as does the main guitar line) and Jah Wobble, each line is delivered in a sub spoken manner that takes a while to get used to but works well with this kind of material. I never expected to get funked this month at all, and I am real glad it was this track that delivered it. It isn't IMO a genre that anyone does on a regular basis (at least not THIS kind of funk) so it's a very welcome track indeed. As an introduction to this artist, it's just right and would make most listeners want to hear some more.

Funk it up wiv the Sleiboi...

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