Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jim-n-Lisa - Lovely Walkers

Hear The Track Here

Dickety Da, the first track I ever heard from Jim-n-Lisa, exactly two years ago was a good introduction to what this husband and wife team from Texas could be capable of. Who could have said at the thime though, that Jim-n-Lisa were going to become as popular as they have. Popularity richly deserved I say, as the string of Must Have's and my Artist Of The Year 2004 will testify. Although Dickety Da didn't float my boats, plenty of their tracks have done that and more since then, gaining them a couple of Tracks Of The Year too if I remember rightly. Yeah, yeah yeah, but that was then and this is now so what's different?

And, much more to the point, can they keep up the high??

Fear not, fretful fellows, you should know better than that by now. Because not only is Lovely Walkers a classic slice of Jim Miller's finest, it also features the other half of the act. You might refer to it as the classy half, although you may have to fight Jim for that remark. Lisa is a fine vocalist and it's a shame that we don't hear more of her. See, that's the thing about Jim, he's a musical juggernaut; an unstoppable Beast of the Beat. Oh, and btw the man is a demon at blowing into a golden pipe and making music of an otherworldly texture. Lovely Walkers features all that and Jim's considerable production nous to deliver an absolutely belting track in every way.

From the opening percussion hits, this track will grab your ears and lead you into it's heart. It's a dense, detailed landscape in the time honoured J-n-L fashion; the meaty chunkiness of the rhythm track a great counterpoint to Lisa winsome vocals. For my money great music has to do several things, and all of them perfectly or as near as dammit. It has to entertain and amuse yes, but it also has to evoke, emote AND be interesting to look at (as it were) and Lovely Walkers has all that. Reading the lyrics while listening to the track will give you an entirely different impression to just hearing the track fresh. Hearing the track after the nth time still throws up little curios (mostly from the intense sax lines) and also show that this has to rank as one of J-n-L's finest. Oozes class, I tell ya.


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