Monday, June 26, 2006

Jimmy Kent - My Life Imperial

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I've liked most of Jimmy Kent's output over the year since I first met him, and have even recommended a track or two. Mainly because Jimmy is a decent songwriter just a little hampered with the production side of it - as most of us are. So no matter what comments I make about this guy, it's pretty much down to a taste/style thing at the end of the day. It's obvious that the man as potential; as a songwriter, as a singer with a decent style and range and as a musician who can play several instruments. It comes as a big surprise then that I had such an adverse reaction to this track.

Yeah, uh oh will cover it...

The real surprising thing is that every track I have heard from this guy before has been of a certain standard and this track is, I feel, well below that. To be sure I DO like the concept and the lyrics and I think this would make a good song provided that a) the arrangement is tightened up considerably and b) the whole mix is wooly and muddy with the vocal way too far back in that mix for the amount of attention these particular lyrics need to work properly. See, the lyrical content is a bit of a play on words in the manner of one William Shakespeare and was written after Jimmy had taken a literature exam. Bit important then not only to be able to make out the words but to imbue them with meaning too.

There's a rough, unfinished quality about this track that will most definitely lose it listeners which to my mind is a shame because the bones of what is here is worthwhile. At the very least, a more painstaking mix might help to make this the song it should be, and maybe a little bit less of the endlessly noodling guitar while we are at it. Even though it's only three minutes and change there is a lot going on through the track and that activity also doesn't help the song to register with yer average listener but I do feel it would be helped with a little more emphasis on the mix. Maybe not, but them's my opinions. As I say, a little disappointing really because this artist has done much better than this technically previously although he certainly raises the song writing bar on this track.

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